leadership today

Restoration Magazine also, from time to time, published supplemental materials. One of those was titled 'Leadership Today' Bryn wrote for articles specifically for those involved in Church Leadership. As we receive more of these we will post them here.

  • are we radical enough?

    Bryn begins: "Are we radical enough? Two factors virtually affect our success as Christian leaders: Firstly, our knowledge of God and men, and secondly, our fulfilling the dual role of priest and prophet, bringing men to God, and god to men."

  • the gospel of the kingdom

    Bryn begins: "What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? Tired of cliches, men cry out , 'Tell it like it is'. Life must have a goal, a journey must have a destination, the race must have a prize. Knowing this, we look at the Bible for the issues that presses itself firmly to the fore in these considerations, and in doing so are confronted with the Kingdom of God." 

  • what is the church?

    Bryn begins: "What is the church? So many different things take the name 'church' that one is tempted to shout amidst the religious melee of our times , 'Would the real church please stand up!'